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An Independent, Family Owned Oil & Gas Company


Well Service Work

With Swabbing/Service Rigs, LOG has the ability to service any well. From standard fluid removal in the Swabbing process; to running production strings of tubing, rods, and packers. Making LOG capable of plugging any old or abandoned well.  

Dirt Contracting

Larch Oil and Gas is able to complete a vast array of Dirt Contracting projects. Not only building Well Pads, but also any other project in your field. With equipment ranging from Large CAT D6's to Mini Excavators, LOG is equipped for all projects.


CDL Drivers and Trucks Equipped, LOG has the trucks to get what you need from Point A to B. Having Tractors and Trailers, as well as, Dually Pickups and Gooseneck Trailers. Along with just standard hauling, LOG winch tractors make specific Oilfield tasks a breeze.

Meter Calibrating/Reading

Qualified Gas Measurement Meter Technicians along with Certified Calibration Equipment means LOG can make sure your meters are accurate while in the field. LOG also has the staff needed to retrieve Digital Readings, and exchange paper charts within your field.

Pipeline Repair/Construction

LOG owns upwards of 40 miles of pipeline and is well versed in servicing gas line. LOG Employee's are OQ and Fusion Certified with the ability to repair and reinstall old line. Clear, build, and reclaim new Right-of-Way; and weld or fuse new Gas Line. As well as install Annodes or other corrosion reducing products to your current system.

Fluid Transportation

Vacuum Trucks are essential in any Oilfield Project. LOG owns several Vacuum trucks ranging from 60 barrels of Capacity to 110 barrels. Whether hauling Brine and Oil from a well site, hauling freshwater into a Drilling Rig, or being a portable tank for a Swab Rig, Larch Oil and Gas is your one stop shop.

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Larch Oil and Gas is small, local, family owned Oil and Natural Gas Company in Charleston, West Virginia. Although the company was formed in 2005, the Larch Family has been in the industry since the Early 1970's. LOG owns and operates 98 wells, and approximately 40 miles of pipeline in the Kanawha, Cabell, Putnam, Jackson and Mason Counties of West Virginia.These wells ranging from the Deep Oriskany formation, to horizontally drillled wells in the hyrdrocarbon rich Devonian Shale formation. Larch Oil and Gas has the ability to complete every task from surveying the spud location, to daily production with its qualified staff and equipment.



We are currently seeking investors for our 2018 Field Completion in the Bug Run Prospect in Northern Mason County, WV. This will consist of the completion of 4 Brand New LOGC Shale wells. These wells have already been drilled, and are awaiting completion to be produced. This area of interest shows vast amounts of untapped hydrocarbons. This being not only Natural Gas, but large deposits of Crude Oil. To view the Package, find the link at the top, or 

We are currently seeking investors in our 2018 One Well Completion Program in the Southeast corner of Mason County, WV. This Vertical Devonian Shale well will be situated in the Apple Grove Field amongst 59 other LOG wells. The area is already proven to have large amounts of Crude Oil and Natural Gas by comparing it with LOG current production. Being one mile away from LOG Pipeline and Located on a prime lease for this area this investment will be second to none. To view this package, find the link at the top or    

View our sample flyer for a quick look into what this package consists of


Our Team

Eric Larch - Vice President
Jimmie Larch - President

Jimmie has over 40 years experience in the oil & gas industry. Running Operations in the past for his family Drilling Company, he oversaw the drilling and completion of hundreds of wells in WV, PA, NY, OH, VA, AL, and FL. Along with overseeing the drilling aspects, Jimmie has operated companies solely building well locations, and pipeline construction in the past. Compiling his experience from virtually every aspect of the industry he formed a Corporation for the future of his Family in the rise of the industry. 

Richard Lathey - Production and Reservoir Engineer Consultant

 Rick has extensive experience in production and drilling throughout Appalachia. Prior to Consulting for LOGC, he worked for EQT Corp. as a Senior Production Specialist, where he participated on a team to evaluate, test and implement EQT’s Automation Project. Prior to joining EQT, Rick worked in various sectors of the oil and gas industry, including Drilling and Production operations for Grace Automation and Ashland Exploration. Along with his vast experience in the past, he is currently the Senior Production Engineer for Hardrock Exploration. He attended West Virginia State College and studied Industrial Mechanics. 

Eric has overseen Field Operations of LOG since inception. Along with attending West Virginia University School of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering for several years, he has gained vast knowledge in the drilling and production of the Shale Well with LOG wells by overseeing the operations in the field. He is first hand with the experience needed on every well location, pipeline, or service division of the company.

Courtney Larch - Safety Director

Courtney has a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from West Virginia University Institute of Technology. Being the wife of Eric, VP LOG, she has extensive knowledge of the Oil and Gas industry. Her time spent around the company paired with her experience as a Registered Nurse makes her a perfect fit for overseeing the Safety of Larch's Employee's, Equipment, and Wells.

Debbie Larch - Secretary

Debbie, wife to Jimmie and mother to Eric, is Secretary of LOG and head over the office and its' staff. Outside of having a successful business of her own in another industry, she has always maintained Jimmie's office and paper-trail throughout his time in the Oil and Gas field. Since LOG creation, she has devoted her time solely to the company. Overseeing all Billing, Invoicing, Royalties, and Lease Rentals.

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For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 304-776-7040 or fill out the following form

Head Office

5 Kimeric Lane

Cross Lanes, WV


Tel: 304.776.7040

Fax: 304.776.7040


To apply for a job with Larch Oil and Gas, please send a cover letter together with your resume to:

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